Modus Operandi

Some dates, by sheer virtue of the ghoulish and invective nature of happenings on those days, have the potential to inscribe your supple consciousness in

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Italy was not on our list of places to visit right now, August may not be the perfect time for this but perfection is a

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Ek Doctor Ki Maut!

Light from the central lighting dome attached to the ceiling beamed on the focused operative area as the patient lay suspended under the influence of

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Just a small distance away from the north pole of the earth on a barren stretch of a frozen lake where the pearly radiance of

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गहरे मानसून का बादल हूँ,बन के मोती पिघलता हूँ,ग़र करोगे याद पाओगे मुझेमैं हर सावन सफ़र करता हूँ । मैंने देखा है तेरी आँखों मेंयादों

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पाती प्रेम की

लेखनी लेकर बैठा एक कवि पाती प्रेम की लिखने को तैयार, स्मरण करण के छायाचित्र पर प्रियतमा तुम्हारे स्मृति चिन्हों को पाता हूँ। आओ मैं

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