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Yog….Discovery of thy self

खर्राटों की मधुर ध्वनि sounds quite an oxymoron, isn’t it? The inherent humour in this comical oxymoron has a degree of positivity that has the power to culminate into the enormity of laughter therapy. That’s the power of yoga.

Fifth international Yoga day celebration at IMA Bhawan Ghaziabad gave me this enlightening opportunity to dwell into the inner cores of mind and discover what was clearly unfound till date… Me, obscured by my insipience self.

Through the canopy of green leaves and crisscross branches of the tree my gaze filtered across into the infinity of sky above as I lay under the tree looking upwards. The canvas of soothing greenery against the backdrop of clear blue sky summered my vision before I closed my eyes ( आँखों को कोमलता से बंद करें ..). I wondered when was the last time I looked at the at the sky and actually had the relaxation of mind to admire the triviality of magnanimous nature. Oh!, why I am stuck with this oxymoron sense of happening today?

Probably because I found myself actually living a quantum more when I was suppose to enact the dead…. शव आसन ।…( शरीर के प्रत्येक अंग का मानसिक अवलोकन करें )

When you look at someone performing योग आसान its just a visual of weird posturing that may be fascinating to watch but tells you nothing about the degree of positivity it can fill you with unless you jump into the fray yourself. this revelation was the mark of the day for me.

The day was beautifully conceptualised and superbly executed…sheer motivation bolstered with pure hard work. Kid busy with T-shirt painting competition, the jestful Saadhaks practising their mudras, the Saraswati Vandana and the surprise event, all adding up to make a perfect recipe for the rich art of living.

Fascinatingly, I watched the the YOG-DANCE, my non dancer spirit started fathoming its own chances of making to the dance floor and perhaps look a shade as elegant as the souls on stage.

The entire ambience was a splendid colourful white …again an oxy…Oh! forget it, I have an appetite left only for a rose water detox drink…. Bingo


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