Thinkers conclave…Opening doors, opening mind.

“The lingering taste of togetherness that will surely find a befitting niche in our memory…” the young anchor said as I entered into an auditorium jam-packed with a spellbinding wave of enthusiasm for the grand finale of ‘Thinkers Conclave’.

Earlier, before arriving for the show, I was lead by my host, the very gracious, very elegant Mrs Sonia Verma the honourable principal of Khaitan Public School for a tour galore of the astonishing and ultramodern school campus and the arts wing. What was enthralling to see though, was not only the glimmering corridor historiated with in-house artefacts and paintings reflecting the mark of artistic brilliance behind them but rather the manner in which the young minds were being sculpted and groomed to become fine leaders in this workshop.

“Education does not mean to confine the students in the gridlock of textbook prints rather it lies in the dynamism of continuing metamorphosis into better citizens and leaders for tomorrow… ” said the visionary principal as we walked past a group of students listening attentively to the deliberations from a young speaker.

Back at the auditorium, the show began, a dance ballet based on the epic ‘Mahabharat”. Light shined on the face of Draupadi revealing her beautiful expression as the group exhibited a well-coordinated and marvellously choreographed show. Acrobat moves, tender expressions and superb execution….professional level stuff.

I watched in awe and admiration along with my co-guests, members of the ‘happiness brigade’ as the house stood up for the standing ovation.

I was so glad to be there among the company of such phenomenonal young minds… RAB SHUKRAN

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  1. Fantastic. Yes the school is a power house of talented staff and eager to help students to excel in education and sports. Wish the conclave a grand success

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