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The New Age Journalism……..Outlook Needs An Insight

The point of reference for this writing is an article published in the outlook by Mr Rajesh Ramchndran

The Cross of Valour in the ‘Vicious Campaign for Hatred (VCH)’ should definitely be awarded to Mr Rajesh Ramchandran because, as a prodigy of new age journalism, he has defied logic and sensible reasoning to craft out an editorial like this, highly unacceptable from a magazine of this stature.

He makes a really laughable comment when he says and I quote, ” Delhi is a dangerous place to fall Sick”, I bet he has never encountered any serious sickness in his life and I pray to God to keep him hail and hearty but can I really pray for that because in his next comment he issues an inexplicable advisory “Keep God out of this”, Can God, anytime, be kept out of a matter of life and death? Will he not pray to God if a close family member of his gets critically sick?

His ‘new logic’ where he advocates an outcome-based business model for the medical profession is as hilarious as his previous one, clearly indicating at the bankruptcy of pragmatic reasoning he seems to be suffering from. let us understand his new logic with a simple analogy, what is the product of a school or an educational institution- to teach its student, so if a student fails in his exam then the school should return all his fees without taking into account the expenses it has incurred over the year in teaching him, without sparing a thought that the student’s own mental capability could be the reason for his failure.

By a nefariously motivated journalism of this nature, he is in effect creating an unacceptable as well as an unrealistic image of the profession in the gullible minds of the public. Mr Rajesh, and the cult of hateful journalism he is trying to represent, must understand that the reality has an obligatory effect of matching the subconscious image that we have about a certain entity, unfortunately the image of the medical profession he is trying to build in the mind of the public is of loot, criminality and of expecting the unexpected, of equating the service with the product that comes with a compulsory guarantee of outcome.

The effect of this negative approach in flooding the public minds with such unreasonable ideas has resulted in their inability to understand and prioritize their needs. What else can explain this absurdity of logic that when we go to buy any commodity like fridge, TV or an air conditioner we look for the brand it is associated with but when it comes to buying medicine we advocate generic? It’s a common knowledge and understanding that the brand value has some assurance of quality but when it comes to spending on medicine, our disfigured priority structure refrains us from taking a sensible decision.

Before pointing fingers at a profession where majority are still sincere and sacrifice their lives for the interest of fellow humans I think it will be good if Mr Rajesh looks at his own community of media personnel who have been hijacked by the big corporate houses and are working with fixed and vested interest money making even to the extent that some are willing to compromise the national security to satisfy their publicity instincts.( Quint claiming Mr Jadhav to be a spy of RAW)


“May Lord bestow upon us the light of knowledge to recognise doctors as fellow humans and May  Lord, not make doctors the victims of the failure of an unrelenting system to provide them with the suitable environment  for their endeavour to lessen human suffering.”


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