The Manifesto I want For My India

Is the idea of a democracy is just to vote and choose a group of people and empower them with constitutional rights to loot us.

If you dismiss this statement as irrational, illogical and a product of negative mindset well, take a brief pause and think again with a microscope of pragmatic analysis. I am sure, many of you, if not all, will have a heart that would want to shout and say ‘Yes, it’s true’ but you dare not because your acquired common sense would compel you to believe it as unconstitutional.

A process as pure as a democracy should not be blamed for the fallacy of its execution.

There you go, we have a constitution that provides for theses flaws to exist. what is more disturbing however is that not only such fallacies have existed but also nurtured and amended from time to become more fallacious and sinister.

The very people whom our constitution found to be eligible to rule, lacked eligibility because the constitutional definition of eligibility was inappropriate and inadequate.

A nation where education and merit is crushed, at every step, at the hands of populism and opportunism, constitutional or otherwise, is destined to perish ultimately.”

So that bring to the point number one on the manifesto I want for my India.

1. Eligibility

Every candidate aspiring to hold a constitutional/political position be it MLA or MP should have a minimum mandatory educational qualification and should undergo a stringent selection process akin to that of the Service Selection Board.

Even a peon has to have a necessary minimum qualification and bound by certain rules of ethics but unfortunately, owing to the inadequacies of our system, our political leadership is not bound by any code of moral conduct. This fallacy of our constitutional framework makes it convenient for people with zero education and people with criminal cases against them or even persons imprisoned in jails for such charges to contest in the election.

Does this nation expects people like Phoolan Devi, Shahbuddin and Raja Bhaiya to lead us and show us the path to wisdom?…. some very serious introspection is needed here.

2. Remuneration

Again, from a peon to a personel of the armed forces has to work for almost his entire productive life to earn a pension. Politicians are the only bunch of looters who claim it as their birth right merely by winning an election.

We, the larger mass of population choose them to serve our cause and not to rule us claiming unjustified perks. Whoever gave them permission for this wasteful expenditure of our precious resources?

All such practices must immediately be abolished.

3. Discrimination

Our constitution prohibits any kind of discrimination based on religion caste or creed but this very sentence, I feel, is discriminatory because it recognises these to be different. All official mention of our surname and religion should compulsorily be done away with… India First and Indian Only.

Why even after 72 years of independence despite provisions and directions in our Constitution to amend and alter certain prohibitory and even discriminatory clauses they are not only not removed but also given unethical extensions. The reason for this, to my mind, could be

  • It suits these politicians to cultivate a system where the meritorious are forced, by virtue of legality, morality and their peace-loving nature to keep away from hooliganism, to vote and choose the very undeserving.
  • Sheer incompetency of those sitting at the highest echelons of our system to recognise and correct such inhibitory clauses.

Why is there so much incompetency?

Perhaps the seeds of incompetency being sown by way of the policy of reservation and appeasement since the time India gained independence have started to bear fruits. Reservation has allowed mediocrity to supercede merit and competence.

Undeserving people have invaded the system and reached positions of power and decision making forcing the meritorious to take a backseat.

Growth can not be attained by distributing freebies and infusing the addiction of laziness in the people. Everyone should work for the perks he desires and not expect it as a subsidy or the gift from the ones who have the capability to achieve.

4. Accountability and culpability of the government officials

Government officials must be held accountable and must be severly and duly punished for the laws that were broken in their tenure while they were responsible for the show

To elaborate on this section I will cite two examples one a national level news that was published all the major dailies and media channels and another one a piece of local news from my own area of residence.

  1. Nirav Modi’s massive seaside mansion worth over 100 cr was demolished recently. What was the idea behind this pound-foolish exercise? To punish him? What action was taken against the government officials during whose tenure such massive and criminal destruction of law was allowed to occur. What action has been taken to name and shame those corrupt officials? What ecological rights were preserved and what financial gain was achieved by such a destructive act?
  2. In the society that I live, the ground floor apartments come with a lawn area that is displayed in the seller’s brochure, mapped, charged separately and even registered duly with the registrar’s office. A few days ago some of these units were demolished by the development authority saying that these were illegal and were not the part of the composite mao of the society which the builder had submitted. The point here is if the idea was to penalise the builder, what was achieved by demolishing the houses he has already sold? Why his own house or the office was not touched? And most importantly, Why the government official allowing this unlawful construction over past so many years have been allowed to roam free

The law of the land should be absolute and binding. It should be the same for the citizens and government alike. Law may be blind but the government cannot be blind to the felony committed by its own men

Every five years or so and even earlier elections happen and all these years they have been fought and won over the narratives that these politicians build for us. From cow-politics to scams and this time, stooping to a new low, involving the army and playing with the sentiments of our national pride.

The idea of nation building and discussing the things that matter in the larger interest of the way forward for the country is never spared a thought and the public thinking is deliberately and conspicuously kept away from such constructive narrative,

There are a number of issue which I would love to include in my manifesto for India and I am sure, you would have a lot more to say as well, so I will continue it in my next post hopefully, and would definitely love to have your comments here.

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