Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety


Bromantic Punchnama of vampy Luvnama


A modern would be Bahu, in Bikini, bends down to touch the feet of her would be grandfather in law keeping her hand up her chest to avoid exposing her cleavage this precisely defines the witty ambience of the humouristic 70mm version of an idiot box drama.


Titu, the son of a rich ‘MIthaiwala’ and the dumb product of a newfangled joint family is under strong bromantic influence of Sonu, his childhood friend cum brother cum mother cum mother in law whose sole occupation is to protect his friend from the evil clutches of luring females and he defines his objectives clearly by the ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama’ style speech in the opening scene of the movie.

Apparently, he couldn’t satisfy Teetu’s sexual needs or so he claims, a claim that as a viewer you would tax your mind to challenge on more than a few occasions, so to fulfil his “Sex Ke Liye Hi Shadi Karni Hai” (what else?) mission he opts for arrange marriage and engages with Sweety. Sonu recognizes the burlesque epitomes of her ‘too good to be true’ alluring beauty and sets out to save his friend from this villain.



Beside the old decrepit ceiling fan in an ultra-modern home decor or the ‘Maata Ka Jagrata’ on a roadside temporary tent instead of the lavish party lawn of a billionaire’s house, the only thing that seems to be out of character was the story.

The performances of all the lead characters were good fitting into the witty timings and the parodical demeanour of the story. Kartik Aryan, though suffering from the exaggerated spout in portraying defeat sequences of the con battle between him and Sweety, has spontaneity and freshness. Miss smiling beauty, Nusrat is beautiful and her sense of dress augmented her alluring abilities, she along with Kartik and Ishita raj did well to keep up the ‘Masti’ quotient. 

The duo of Aloknath and Virendra Saxena was impressive as the comical third umpire commentators of the family rugby. The endemicity of laughter points will keep you trickled though not jumping in your seats.

  1. Smoking is injurious to health but drinking definitely isn’t, especially drinking with one’s grandsons keeps your ‘X’ factor alive.
  2. And the corollary to the above law is if you drink with your grandfather you run the risk of dragging him into your bachelor’s party and probably in your honeymoon too.
  3. Muted abuses have a greater impact than their actual delivery.
  4. Hindi movies can have happy ending without hero and the heroine getting married


Luv Ranjan has managed to remain enmeshed in his on romcom style, thankfully, and will surely get the audience he is targetting.

Three and a half star



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