Rurban Picnic

Grand Masti... Me Time-You time

Bus-full of beauties in a mood ready to rock-n-roll and with a look edging to kill of course, a skimble- scamble like myself rippled out to occupy the far corner seat. But the quiet confines this cornering out had its own privileges in providing the panoramic view of the spectacle. This writing which is becoming a vade mecum is but just a tribute.


The buoyant yet incandescent spirit of Picnic carried me to a place called Rurban Village not far from here where the beauties staged a Latto dance, the adventurous walked on shaky rope and the attitude battled at the edge of the shimmering blue.



Eat quietly warden is on rounds.


Oh! did I forgot to mention that frogs scared the wits out of those who wanted to take a dirty dip. With the threat of them dancing under their bellies or under their pants, the preferred the divine bath underneath the water so cold. 

Have a look


ज़रा नज़रों से कह दो जी निशाना चूक ना जाए
ये जो मोहब्बत है के उनका है काम
मार दिया जाए की छोड़ दिया जाए
आए नर्गिसें मस्ताना

कँटीली नचानिया danced and the Toilet allowed प्रेम कथा of राजे की सरल to pass with flying colours…. WHATEVER!!…HA HA

Gogsian affair was a Grand Show

A love story of play and friendship inscribed to perfection to cast a lasting rememberance.

The Lattoo Dance

"The essence of picnic lies not in the grandeur of the locale rather in the serenity achieved by the grandiosity of togetherness."

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