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An Evening With Romeo And Juliet

On a winter evening, that too on a weekday when the binding shackles of daily routine do not permit any abstract arty fulfilment of mental faculties, I get an invitation from good old friends to spend the evening together. My first thought was to give it a miss …the shackles are too strong, but when Juliet came walking down the stairs from heaven, carefully holding her red glistening evening gown with pincer of both hands, carrying a moonlit glow on her tender cheeks and the beauty of smile on her alluring lips I knew my decision was right. She danced like a pro in a colossal opera, rhythmically and beautifully, along with Romeo, sending the audience whistling with the joyance of their mood.

Visit to Shriram centre of arts for watching the Hindi and staging of the epic Shakespearian drama, Romeo and Juliet, was an enthralling experience.The performances were power packed barring a few naiveté derailing into mist of laughter. The lead characters were specially crafted for an intriguing visualisation and need a special mention and so was the directorial endeavour to encourage, tame and carve a group of sophomores into near perfectionist execution.

Either by intentional design to add classicality or by constrains of not having an expert intervention, the linguistic modification remained an enigma to my amateur mind. Th dialogue deliberation curiously dwindling between classicality of pure Hindi verse when Romeo spoke in despair rumbling to subordinary casualness when the others conversed.

However, a walk on the moon with lovely radiance of Juliet and the adoring stage thumping cry of Romeo for his assumed loss made this a, worth-watch.

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