Second Opinion

A small voice……Rise or perish

To my mind, thanks to media bashing and public outcry severely against doctors, this is the best time for the fraternity. The disorganised, asynchronous and highly self-centred fraternity was never so fluid to allow itself to be glued together in a strong cohesive unit. Thanks mainly to the rising incidence of uncalled for violence  against the doctors, this unity seems a gettable dream. Fear is a strong force and fear of losing ones own existence a even stronger  one. The community is frightened and depressed, many of the leading practitioners are ready to quit or have started considering the possibility, they have started discouraging their children from joining the profession, left to itself the profession will fall apart in time sooner than one can imagine. Now is the time to bell the cat, now is the time for IMA to take a lead and unite these disintegrated pieces int one solid block….. NOW IS THE ONLY TIME…



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