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Special Nineteen…RU 2018


If ever there was to be a human way to transform a luxurious yet mundane hotel room into an everlasting Shangri-la, it had to be this, if ever there was to be a human way to relive the essence of five years of togetherness with twenty-five years of near total disconnect thereafter, it had to be this, the conglomeration of 19 divine hostelite souls cramped, at leisure, making the otherwise sophisticated ambience go crazy with rolling laughter that defied every norm of its own definition.

They came from the different parts of the country as if pulled by a divine magnet into the black hole but there was no darkness in there. Every nook and corner of this abyss was lighted with joy and belonging.

The stars who converged there had funny names junu, Gullu, Bhilai, Pammi, Ramsay, Chauta, Moti, Nana…, the names were limited by the physicality of numbers but each had unlimited stories tailing behind them. The stories that were narrated and re-narrated with their origin and insertions and relished with all their citations and peculations.

Jaat captured the mood in ariose voice, Raju was in full form with his illogical jokes that made sense, Oh! forget… who is bothered about sense anyways, Gullu calculated, Bhilai poked, Moti countered, Midha succumbed, Jaggi Offered, Ramsay obliged, Khapti delivered, Junu loitered, Pammi stood (unable to sit anyways…Raju knows better) as Nana observed the sense being smoked up through the pool of emotions.

All In all, the craic, ebbing through every pore, pullulated rapidly captured and seized the souls and is still hanging over.


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