#respectdoctors ever wondered what will happen if you put the gun on a driver’s head and ask him to drive straight, Will it decrease the chances of accident… well, the mood in the doctor community is echoing the same sentiments, frightened, jittery and prone to faulter.
The central factor, the spine of doctor patient relationship i.e. trust has suffered a devastating blow, the relationship has been severely breeched.
No, I am not dwelling into the causation of this, who caused this breech of trust wether doctors themselves, the government, the media or the public that is not the point of consideration at this time, what is more relevant at this time is to look at the effect and with all the sincerety I possess and all the experience that I have as a practicing doctor, I can say that the lid has been blown off the volcano and the resultant cascade of events is here to stay. The society is forced to breathe in the smoke, be burnt and charred by it’s boiling lava.
Imagine what will happen if you start suspecting the capability and the motive of your Pilot every time you board a flight and insist on inspecting his equipment and machinery or worse insist on sitting in the cockpit while he fly the plane.
There are patients who insist upon such inconvenience , while they may a legal right to do so ( with a bunch of morons framing our legal policy these days…. I am not sure) .
.,. is this practically right, morally correct

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  1. Very rightly narrated today’s scenario,very pathetic condition for all in society. Each one of us is sufferer & we shud realize it& think over it.

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