Punjab Da Pind

To go or not to go was the dilemma, to celebrate the end or a new beginning was the dilemma so I wandered along the noisy highway a bit off the city in a quaint little grove , the milestone outside the gate said Punjab da Pind ….6 Km and I carried on. Oh! Should I take an auto rickshaw which was right at the gate… forget it, With every inch of the village decorated with earthly artefacts, air resonating the cheerful welcome of a festive invite and sky covered with colourful flags that made my senses light, I thought I would prefer to walk and so I did. I walked through the facade of togetherness, through the mix of faces some familiar a few unknown but definitely my own, a few old hat guffawed  while others greeted graciously. Dressed in their glamorous best they all sang and danced, played and sprayed with spirit of love. Did I forgot to mention about the food or games stall…Oh common, you were there too, I saw you running, to grab more.

Not the meticulous garnishing with hard work to create an authentic Punjabi ambience, which definitely was a laudable effort, but what I relished more was the opportunity it provided to savour the sense of belonging to one’s own clan.

To go or not to go could have been a dilemma but to celebrate the end or a new beginning should never be one because celebrate, we must, holding every moment of life irrespective of the cause with the string of love and togetherness…. And celebrate, I did. The IMA New year celebration party served dual purpose firstly it became a sparkle of remembrance of the year bygone and secondly a power booster for the year to come.

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