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In what could be termed as an utter sense of political shrewdness to gain cheap mileage or an utter sense of political immaturity to withstand public pressure, the Delhi government cancelled the license’ of Max hospital … Justice on the spot without giving a fair chance to the doctors, to be heard.

Look at the parallel, almost 50 children die at BRD Medical college Gorakhpur due to adminstrative failure and the bureaurates and the politicians are left Scott free, government makes no efforts to cancel it’s license or resign… such hypocrisy. ..50 children vs a non viable foetus.

And consider this, what options did the doctors at Max had, foetus was 22 wks non viable, an informed DNR (do not resuscitate) consent was already taken from the parents, had they resuscitated such a foetus and kept him alive for 14 days by artificial means and allowed the bill to mount, close to 15 lakhs, and that too without any favourable outcome, the same media would have pronounced them guilty of looting and of using unethical business techniques.

I am not a promoter of five star corporates, in fact if you have read my earlier posts, you will realise that I consider these business houses and their nexus with policy makers to be a hindrance in the way of providing affordable healthcare to masses but this kind of malicious media trial, unruly judgement and incapability of my own fraternity to defend itself at public forums, will certainly bleed medicine to death…. Surely, the repercussions of this will be far and wide.

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