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Page 3 Posting….Find Yourself.

On the morning of January the 15th 2023, I was standing on a crossroad and I had to choose between wisdom and mastery. With a bush-league wisdom highlighting an even amateurish walk, I drifted towards mastery. But adventurism didn’t last long, my counterfeit wisdom was being exposed. The only place in the hall that could have a sense of belonging with me was the far left corner which housed a coffee gallery and a beautiful panorama of the outside world. Was it too hard to guess that I quickly, yet inconspicuously, found my way out to be wise before claiming a place among experts.

Someday, I’ll match these experts.

In the wisdom hall, I sat besides the master himself. The master who got up at five in the morning to issue a mission statement for his fleet…

‘संगच्छध्वम –
हमारा ध्येय वाक्य है ( उपनिषद से)’.

He addressed my dumbfounding curiosity. “It should have been named Krishna Hall and Arjun Hall,” he pronounced. The wisdom nuggets exuding from him sent me into oblivion. I was struck by an ignescent glitter radiating from the mantle of his neck. I gazed around, and the same ignescent glitter was all around, the yellow neck-tie, a mark of wisdom. My humble attire reflected no such glow. My otherwise elated self, was pushed to a corner with a pint of embarrassment. 

Someday, I’ll match this wisdom.

Him? What about him...I am scared about his bucket-list
Haveli King....Bhai Bulao kabhi Haveli Par!!

Did I just say pint? Well, that lovely-lovely is the true source of all wisdom. Agreed?

While driving back in my SUV through the cold of winter, under the calming effect of my pint from pilsner, I found my dose of wisdom through a flashback of the day’s imagery. Hey! don’t get wrong ideas, my glass was only brimming with the jamboree spirit(.. haha..half truth!!). 

Anyways, I was talking about wisdom, and the pint forced me to take a detour. So, I was finding the color connected with the yellow glitter, symbolizing the elite echelon, and I traced the color down to my yellow shoes.
Wisdom lies in finding a place at the feet of masters.

Someday, I’ll find my way up.

Finding the color connect

 The Gala organized by Medicon gave me the opportunity to reconnect, to be ‘Rubaroo’ with my literary supporters as one of them said. Oh! I think I should be candid here, I was actually missing the compliments, my vital propelling force.

The mood was euphoric, to say the least. Looking through the prism of mental elation that the evening germinated, I think everyone was spirited emotionally, socially, and comradely.

Someday I’ll match this euphoria, not just in words but in physicality. Someday I’ll match this comradery, and not just walk past familiar faces and smile subduedly.

But till then. I am lost and yet to be found.

IMA ke Dil mein Baandh nahi hai.....bas Bandhan

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