Nuisance value

History tells us that no problem has ever been solved without creating a nuisance value, India could achieve its freedom only because the acts of non-cooperation and Styagrah became a nuisance which the British could no longer tolerate. The problem with doctors is that they do not possess any Nuisance value neither in individual capacity nor politically i.e. they do not form a potential vote bank. The sooner they understand this the better it is going to be for them. They must also understand that this is a battle of perception and public perception is definitely against them. By adopting methodology and tools such as strike they aren’t helping their cause, in fact, are fueling public hatred.

the government, on the other hand, knows that doctors are few in number and docile, incapable of creating any trouble rather the act of crushing and punishing them, in the name of streamlining the system, gives them political brownie points. The majority of the society of underachievers, rejoice at the mere thought making doctors suffer in whichever way possible, as the medical profession itself symbolizes achievement and prosperity, doctors for them are prospering at the expense of their suffering and not by virtue of their own devotion and hard work.

As for the doctors, I think a part of the problem is a creation of their own. it takes so long for them to mature monetarily, they have to sacrifice so many years of their prime youth to get their share of happiness that they become greedy and start concentrating only on earning, and living whatever ten-fifteen years of productive life they are left with. This greed makes them weak and incapable of possessing any nuisance value.

The answers lie in understanding this core issue and changing the way we practice, make amendments in our practice protocols and convey to the public and the system alike that medicine is a commodity that comes with a price tag and availability status, it can get out of stock. Certain points to consider in this regard are:

No evening OPD

Doctors should not see routine patients in evening. Routine evening clinics, which most of the doctors indulge in, gives the impression that need is solely of doctors besides conveying the message that its a commodity that is easily available. any case that comes outside the frame of routine nine to five should be made to realize that its an emergency and treated similarly even if on merits the case does not qualify to be an emergency case.


medical fraternity should devise methods to blacklist trouble makers, scoring systems akin to CIBIL scoring of banking and financial institutions can be devised and persons with poor scores based on their past histories and potential denied treatments.

Cult Culture

Doctors should make it a customary, preferably a compulsory, habit of devoting every Sunday of the week for socializing amongst themselves. Like the Christians do, every Sunday the medical fraternity should make it a point to visit their respective IMA Bhawns and sing the song of unity. this should preferably be a regular family event. every possible and of course visible effort should be made to develop a cult culture amongst the doctors.

Strengthen IMA

IMA in its present form is a very loosely threaded structure, there is a very little influence, if any, of the central and state IMA units on their smaller sibs. Every IMA units should be directed to conduct a mandatory number of events within each calendar year with representation and supervision of the higher IMA units, central or state, whatever the case may be.

Create a vote bank 

doctors need to sacrifice their political inclinations and cast preferences and should vote en-mass.

Media House

Medical fraternity should seriously think about having a media house of their own so as to broadcast their side of the story and create a good public presence, after all, as I said, this is a battle of perception.

Adopt aggressive tactics

If the need so arises, in select situations, they should not hesitate to resort to violence.






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