Negative India

It is not by sheer virtue of its own virulence that a tiny microbe is able to invade into our system rather it is the negative approach of an ailing mind and it’s inability to deal with the presenting assault that is the precursor of a disease. The idea of India at present is severely devastated by the attitude of malignant negativism.

The problem with India is that instead of focussing its energy in the positive direction it is taking  a dip in negativism, even  in it’s everyday dealings. Let us understand this with the help of few examples, suppose there is a skilled worker in an industry, a master craftsman, has the ability to produce unmatched designs and the industry want to reward such talent, what will it do? it will reward him with a promotion and he will be made a supervisor, with a higher salary, of course, but consider this, his focus now will shift, not in excelling his own capabilities but onto finding fault with someone else’s work, end of workmanship and beginning of negativity …politics.

Take another example , when after finishing my medical degree I wanted to take a loan for starting a clinic, my father was seriously opposed to the idea his argument was clear, he said ” If I, a laboratory technician, can raise three sons, with pride and honor, in a meager monthly salary of only 5500 without borrowing a single penny from anyone can’t you do the same especially with all your remarkable credentials.” Of course, I went ahead with my plans as everyone else was doing, and is doing, so much so that practically the entire nation is under debt, perishing at the mercy of others. Our loan taking habit has gone far and beyond, entering into new frontiers every day, we are taking loans for marriage, for a honeymoon, for cars and even for such ridiculous purpose as getting a hair transplant…we start our lives by first making our account negative.

The magnitude and effects of this negativism can easily be appreciated by yet another example, especially easy for a Mumbaikar to understand suppose you want to go to Chuch gate from Goregaon and you wish to get a seat during this journey, you will have to travel three stations in the opposite direction to Borivili, wait for existing passengers to deboard and then only you will have the privilege of the seating comfort, for your onward travel. the irony is that you will not get a seat even if you board the train from the starting point i.e. Borivli, even for taking a small step forward you need to sink yourself in the pool of negativity.

It is said, ” A man is a product of his premise” but so is a nation. It is a known fact that India was created by the tool of the division… Partition, one of the most horrific man-made calamity the history stands witness to. This policy of ‘divide and rule’, which our rulers gave us, was carried efficiently forward, by the makers of the Constitution, of independent India. ‘There shall be no division based on religion, caste or creed… Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Isai Hum Sab Bhai- Bhai” but the very moment you name the differences, you actually create them. and look at where this vision of our’s has got us, instead of focusing on the positives like scientific innovations and developmental Marvels we are talking about ‘cow vigilante’ and ‘ love- jihad, instead of promoting merits we are nurturing ‘reservation’, instead of appreciating the achievements in the field of medicine we are  developing an environment of hatred against the very souls who have denounced their own body to take care of others.

Is this the idea of India? to disease ourselves with the infection of negativity.


  1. Good one Shishir. Debt is a global problem and frankly GB probably has more debt per person than India. The economy thrives on debt and there is a whole industry based on that. Credit cards, mortgages etc etc some of which is essential. Couldn’t afford a house in London without a mortgage! At least allows one to own a house in a decade or more which is an asset
    So not all debt is bad but clearly needs to be a manageable debt
    Just my thoughts

  2. Shishir… very well written.
    But i still feel hopeful.
    we all can be positive around us …spread smile …inspite of everything.
    Maybe we can start to make thevstep to positivity

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