Moksha….The Himalayan Spa Resort

Some names do not need any justification for their keeping, this one certainly belongs to the category I am talking about. 

When I stood glaring at the surreal charm of the horizon at the hour of the eventide when the glittering golden hue of the water from the infinity pool was kissing the skyline, the word that seized me at that moment was… MOKSHA. 

Yes, that’s the name of the resort I reached, for one of my weekend get-aways.

Moksha The Himalayan Spa Resort situated atop a hillock, about 30 mins drive from Chandigarh, providing panoramic view of the mystical Shivalik ranges is a place to be if you want to escape from the evil clutches of the mortal burdens.

As I ascended up in my cable car leaving behind all that the mundane world was tying me with, I had a bit of uneasiness created by this void but it was quickly filled by the tranquility that the breeze brought along with when greeting me upon arrival atop the hillock.

The way up the resort to the reception desk, went through beautiful landscaping and greenery.

I stood hypnotised and then gravitated down the stairs  as the divine effulgence from the twilight sky adoringly pulled me.

The turquoise water was cold as cold as was needed to shed off and shake off all inhibitions holding you back  from a serene embrace of the nature, the divinity, that the mystical mountain place had to offer.

The evening was as beautiful as it could be or it should always be, free from noise admiring the mystics of the stars above and  mountains humming quietly in the background.

What else can you ask for, when you open the window after a relaxing night sleep and the morning charm of the mountains is waiting to greet you with its freshness and assurance of a wonderful day ahead.

The morning saw me walking through the thicket and the stand of trees around the resort, I moved captivated by the breathtaking views and the morning flavour of the valley down below


Who cares when you have calling straight from mother nature, when the view is as breathtaking as this one had but yes, a nicely decked up facility added a lingering aroma.

My visit of the place was very short, regretfully, but it was full of life, the life I want for myself.

I don’t know what you look for in a place when deciding for a weekend get-away but surely all the recipes that I look for, there was no no dearth of them. 

Way Back

There are a number of places nearby like Pinjore garden and Tikkar Taal that you can explore, I took a little detour via Tikkar Taal at Morni hills on my way back.

A small but pristine meadow accompanied by a lake beckoned me soothing off any rough edges that may have been left behind because of a very short break .  

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