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नीलम नीलम चंदिनी में डूबे ,

पूनम पूनम के चाँद से चेहरे ,

कर्मठ, कार्यकुशल और कुलीन ,

अचंभित ,मैं बैठा भाव विलीन 

कोमल कोमल कर कमलों के, 

विमल विमल मोहक मोहरे ,

नीलम नीलम चाँदनी में डूबे ,

पूनम  पूनम के चाँद से चेहरे.

The hall was dazzling with blue clad glamour divas when I walked in, of course, the mood was academic but it surely had festal toppings on it.

Imagine the state of superlative addition my already  elated mood felt when after chairing an academic session ( at MEDICON 2020, I was shuttling between the two conferences), I was greeted by a very a humble, caring and honourable host standing at the entrance near a rainbow coloured RANGOLI. 

The graceful voice of our elegant anchor echoed in the auditorium steering the sessions with poise. there were discussions and deliberations and not to miss some heated academic interjections. And of course, there was ‘Chai-per Charcha’ with some very learned personalities. 

The blue hue filled the visual perimeter, the organising team, the faculty and even some of the guest decorated themselves in the spirit of unity and occasion. Oh no!, I had nothing to add in the gynaecology conference, I was a mere nugacity admiring the the show. Well, not exactly….I was to don a Hawaldaar’s cap and whistle the satirical shoot, out through a cheering crowd…I was to be a par of the skit. Well again, just making an effort to impart justification to my, what may seem an irrelevant presence in an otherwise a professional academic meet…Ha ha.

Did I hear someone say I was wearing the cap with a stylist tilt?…An ha…fly me, Thank You.

As the ever charming, Bon Vivant president of GOGS stood behind the podium for summation and vote of thanks, I expressed mine. Thank you Madame president for inviting me here and to be part of the show. Thank you organising team for support and care. thank you for allowing me to have a somewhat shilly-shally access backstage  behind the screen ( it felt like I am sneaking in the female dressing room…Ha ha …naughty me). Thank you for allowing to steal in some cozy moments with my turtledove to share her moments of pride and appreciation. I mean common! she is the joint secretary …no less a feat.



    Well woven words as usual .It is becoming a habit to eagerly wait for your apt summation of any event
    Loved the phrase “spirit of unity &occasion”

  • Shalini S.Ojha

    Beautifully woven and pened every small bit in such a beautiful way sir,every thing flash and move infront as we progress reading each word and line…. cannot write as lovely and graceful as u write…..but can just say….. fantabulous

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