Love you Zindagi

. The glamorous metamorphosis of the spirits contained in the mortal bodies, that ordinarily moved with poise and elegance, was an enthralling visual. The thunderous roar of the thumping torso synchronising the  vibrance of alluring thighs set the ramp on fire as the jumping jollies celebrated the grand finale of their Annual Day.

Extempore out burst of the energy, kept restrained by the mundane routine of the daily life, was as captivating as a rehearsed performance and the glittering glare of those sitting in the audience was as fascinating as of the ones dancing on the stage.

They were all there from pediatrician to geriatrician, from the ones who specialise in fixing the bomes to the ones who loved playing with the nervous chords, all dressed in their sizzling best ready to sieze the moment and they did it artistically well, giving the entire evening a nostalgic flavour.

Few jollis danced holding their lovely Dollies while a few others with only the hats and glasses, holding only the raw spirits running down their veins or should I say gulped down their throats, few veteran practitioners danced with professional ease while a few novices danced with professional enthusiasm but the show definitely belonged to the Divas that rocked the stage with tempting style .  …Oh! What a spectacle

I am glad I didn’t miss this one, I am glad, I lived this moment with you all, possessed as you were.

Thank you Team IMA(West) Ghaziabad for a wonderfully organised enchanting evening.


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