KPS…Opening Minds

Having deprived of overnight sleep due to a sick patient in the neonatal unit and having to skip my morning OPD, I concede, I wasn’t in the best of my mood for any tangible discussion. But as I always say, life is a set of choices, out of the N number of choices that every moment presents to us, we choose a particular action and that decides the fate of that particular moment, and I am truly glad that today, I made the right choice of attending the KPS board meeting.

Fighting the perplexities of mind and body, I stepped into the boardroom and it came as a revelation. what was heartening was not that the meeting was much more cordial than I had anticipated neither the fact that the demeanour of board members carried a certain degree of intellectuality, what came as a revelation to me was that I found myself deeply and intriguingly interested in the discussion. The definite evidence of a serious effort to bring about a change in the way our society looks at nurturing our young mind had got me captivated.

KPS is blessed to have leaders like MR Anirudh who carry a definite aura of bravura around him that act as a focussed, propellent source of energy driving the institution towards a well-defined goal. He is so full of ideas and energy that it imparts his mannerism a restless tone. Unable to contain his energies within, he infuses the others with the same… a welcome sign, a necessity to inspire the entire team.

Mrs Geeta Varshney, the education director, was a picture of a composed and disciplined leader who is a storehouse of knowledge when it comes to matters regarding her students. Her presentation was meticulous, reflective of a person who has been actually involved in their affairs as affectionate guardians.

But the star of today meeting was most certainly Mrs Lata Vaidyanathan, a renowned educationist, ex-principal of Modern School Barakhamba road and a power booster for my ‘Modernite amour-propre’. Her basket was full of knowledge, wisdom and loads of experience and she was mercifully sharing it with debonair ease.

Coming out of the captivating mist of revelation and enlightenment, I do have a few comments to add.

 I have been witnessed to almost the entire evolution and metamorphosis as a parent and I can certainly vouch for the fact rhat we are heading in the right direction but there is still a lot of ground to be covered especially when it comes to academics.

We need to adopt a more supportive and realistic attitude towards the economiaclly backward sections of the society. There was just a small mention of the topic during the course of discussion but got submerged in the sea of intelectuality, call it our duty to repay the society.

And as Lata Ma’am said, incorporting a good samaritan course in the curriculamm will certainly be a great idea

 Education system is most certainly not my domain but this first hand knowledge of  behind the scene actions, the micro level planning and execution and all the intricacies involved in running such a big show so flamboyantly well, were the revelations, I am still ruminating about.





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