A torrent of aimlessly running and fighting emojis without appropriate text being attached to them.

Fifty Pathans beating head shattering drums atop a hill in an Afghani war zone are silenced by a Jatt in cheap makeup of a Sikh with Kesari turban and artificial beard…. why? ….because he starts beating his Dholak and you start beating your head.

If the Rifle could take that long-distance shot at the murderer so cleanly why the ‘Flying Jatt’ didn’t kill the other enemy leaders… because standing in the middle of a battlefield with an army of over ten thousand soldiers ready to pound on them and crush them, he had to deliver ‘Gita ka Updesh’ to an eager warrior ready to join him but was instead asked to satisfy his leader’s statesman thirst… What absurdity!!

The bearded hero on his leisurely stroll through a deserted mountain village meets his girl who cannot communicate with his turtle dove because of she cannot understand Hindi the hero doesn’t understand her language and you don’t understand filmmaker’s motives… pray, pray and pray that at least they start playing dumb charades…..but Alas!

By the way people in nineteen century were evolved enough to at least not to eat desert with primitive ape-man grip.

“The best part of the movie was that the filmmaker thought of showcasing this exceptional and unparalleled act of valour, spirit and pride and the worst part was that he actually attempted to do so with his amateurish skill.”

What he ended up showing was an appeasement agenda with ‘Kesari turban’ and ‘Babri Maszid‘.

The movie is about the most valorous effort of the 21 Sikh soldiers who fought as part 36 Sikh Regiment a unit of British Indian army saving Saragarhi fort from Pashtun Orkzai invaders. 21 brave Sikh soldiers battled onto death against an army of over 10000 invaders and almost defeated them.

The film suffers from a shabby editing and even shabbier screenplay. Except for feeling pity for the talents of Akshay Kumar there’s little to comment in his inconvincible effort to justify a ‘Kesari’ fight. Oh yes, every time he went on to adjust his Turban, you prayed that he will remove it and come back to usual charming self.

All the major roles barring Akshay Kumar perhaps, lack appropriate characterisation and were not nurtured to any degree of commendable effort.

The character of Gul Badshah which was beautifully crafted and enacted in the you tube series on the same subject, (the comparison is inevitable) was conspicuous by it’s absence.

A story which by it’s mere mention sends a wave of chill, and of pride as well, up your spine definitely deserved a better treatment. If not to the standards of Gladiator, Troy or Gandhi at least comparable to some of the better made Indian efforts.

The Verdict

Don’t waste your time unless you want to write as gruesome a review as this….there are better things to do.

If you really wish to watch the story of their valour, watch 21 Saragarhi on Netflix, a long series but much more convincing or for a two hour portrayal of similar bravery, watch ‘The Siege Of Jadotville’… you at least enjoy the movie making effort.

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