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ISOPARB-Lohri Delight: An Unofficial Newsletter.


I was under such a swivet about attending this Lohri-Special, power-packed, webinar Of ISOPARB West Up Chapter that my feet were literally shaking. Thank God it was a cold winter evening and my wife thought it was owing to the low temperature. Whereas, the fact of the matter was that the prospect of attending a lady’s dominated event was giving me a cold sweat. One can easily imagine my plight. There were so many lovely ladies to look at, all decked up for the occasion, and yet I was under a constant vigil—my vigilance officer was sitting close to me.

The evening flaunted a conglomeration of stars from the entire galaxy; it seemed. There were past national president, stalwarts from FOGSI and other respective societies, national leaders, academicians of international repute, so many of them, Dr Narendra, Dr Usha, Dr Buckshee, Dr Suchitra and so many more, my plebeian capabilities are too dwarf to even count them, or enumerate their names. Some of them were there to shower their blessings and others to shine along with them. But the showstopper was surely little Kanha, grandson of Dr Nandita. Dr Nandita Palshetkar was herself glistening beautifully wearing ornaments made with Tilgur–‘Tilgur ghaya god god bola‘. I could almost smell the very nostalgic flavour of Mumbai looking at Dr Nandita and Dr Komal. I realised later that the hint of familiarity on DR Komal’s face was because she happens to be from my own college, TNMC—it’s a small world.

Though the evening marked a show of cultural talents with Team Ghaziabad displaying their dancing skills, surely, it wasn’t the only takeaway, high standard academic presentations were the real treat for everyone. All four accomplished and experienced speakers, Dr Alka Kriplani, Dr Nandita, DR Jyoti and Dr Sundeep shared their words of wisdom to enlighten the audience. There were a few punctuated pauses in between the academic sessions to facilitate the winners of poster presentations and articles.

Oh! did I forget to count my queen, how very foolish of me, she sitting beside me and going to be the first reader of this blog…Nay, I can’t do that. So ladies and gentlemen, the prize for Lohri-Queen goes to my better half, Dr Rashmi Sharma.

All in all, it was an exciting, enlightening and wonderful evening. Thanks to Dr Archana Ma’am, Dr Seema Ma’am, for making me part of this event and for being a constant source of encouragement to both of us. And thanks to all others from the team, Dr Reenu Goel, Dr Vaani, Dr Niharika, Dr Snehla, Dr Neera, and all others whose name I may have missed. As I said earlier, my plebeian capabilities are too dwarf.



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