Hungama night

“ये मेरा दिल प्यार का दीवाना ….

In that adorable ambience of Sharad Poornima night when the moon was shining with its full vitality and viridity, I stood watching the mermaids dance. But for my stupid aplomb and self control, I would surely, have loved to embrace those alluring smiles and the flexuous sheen.

No! No! its not a ‘ben trovato’, it was a real ‘coup de foudre’ with the zeal and spirit of the dancers. 

As for those dancing off the stage well, they were a treat to watch. As if two years of abstinence had ballooned up so much of emotions and let go spirit that it just needed a prick of opportunity to blast. Like fire crackers from a burning Rawan effigy and it went much the same way….. Crazy, Stupid and Lovely. 

Pic of the day

See this man, his spirit and ecstasy…. beyond the capacity of my plebeian writing talent to describe.

“…. Dancing pectoris….Blablabla…ATP in mitochondria….Gynaes are the second best doctors…HA! HA!! Ha!..”

(…not to be taken seriously.)

“Master of ceremony at her blissful best.”

Her lambent wit has hardly any comparison when it comes to organising a cultural event. She could be seen moving around swiftly across all sectors and congregation of members shying away, like me.Pulling them onto the centre stage. As if Pran is pulling Amitabh for…यारी है ईमान मेरा यार … 

A birthday to celebrate

Many happy returns of the day, Dr Monica. May your smile shine like this… forever

Look at him our style President…. in trance

The annual Diwali fest which was being held after a gap of two years was a Hungama Night, a conglomeration of laughter burst and the crackles of pilsener glasses thumping against each other, cheering. Lovely food, all time masti..a gogo.

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