Holi ..a colourful love affair

The unmistakable spirit of craic effervescing from every nook and cranny, the petrichor vocalism of flying colours and the gusto of minds ready for epicurean indulgence…. that’s the essence of Holi and that’s what I found as I stepped on to the rooftop venue where the party was hosted.



साज़ भी था, मौसकी भी थी, 

रंगों की चहलक़दमी भी ,

और हाँ, वो भी तो थी…

…इक तेरे आने की आहट 



अबीर गुलाल था, 

मालपुआ और कचौरी थी, 

और हाँ, वो भी तो थी… 

….होली की गुझिया 



गजरे थे, गुलाल था, 

सपन सलोन थे,

चेहरे पे सजी मुस्कान थी, 

और हाँ, वो भी थी…. मधुशाला 


Had a lovely welcome… pulled, poured, pushed, plunged, painted and drenched without any rule book and that’s precisely the concept of this festival of colours… let it go.

The whole place had undergone an overnight metamorphosis. It was hard to believe that this particular expanse in the heart of town atop a running medical facility was complying to the norms of social and obligatory restraint that people must exhibit in order to be called as normals.

The ‘Pehchan kaun‘ spirit had enslaved every existing soul, be it the Dancing Divas or their silent admirers. Dressed in cut-up hats and coloured jester spectacles they smiled, laughed, made merry and danced till they dropped.


If you are thinking its all about singing, dancing and painting everyone with colours, let me tell you you need a serious enlightenment


मसला असल तो जज़्बातों का है 

रंगों का तो फ़क़त बहाना है 

My Super Hosts

Gracious, charming, full of energy
and a super host,.
Dr Garima Tyagi
Tall, elegant, a wellspring of affection
and a super host.
Dr Vipul Tyagi

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