What do you say when the director after attempting to create a realistic aura of the bygone era, almost as an afterthought, becomes the victim of an insane realization that he must also please the audience of B-grade comedy and decides to transform the leading lady of the movie into a comic book character…female Krish of sorts.

What do you say when he also realizes that, the hero has been kept restrained in role, character, love and also in physical form- hangs around with an amputated upper limb and an automatic prosthesis, lost to an unknown cause and valour…..perhaps and decides to make him walk on a slim rope, remnant of an archaic bridge across tall cliffs, roofing the mountain river, with an expression complimenting the foolishness of the director.

What do you say when you see a story well conceived but poorly carried, exotic domestic locales well captured by ace cinematography but  made to suffer an ordinary execution by a capable director

What do you say when you see the sheer brilliance Kangana’s  performance and that of Shahid Kapoor’s dampened by the slow pace like a walk on a muddy path.

What do you say when you are served a dish which is well prepared with all the ingredients in place and presented in an exotic ambience but lacks in taste.

……Bloody hell.

Star rating ….3.5


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