First day First show………Jolly LLB 2

He saw the horrid anger, mournful cry and violent scream masquerading the face of a pregnant woman who threw herself from the roof to commit suicide all because he conned her on the pretext of providing justice, the image that haunts him in his dreams, that’s when a petty lawyer decides to fight for her, no longer for any material gain but to pursue the cause of justice. The story seems simple, an innocent commoner is killed in a fake encounter by a super cop to let a militant escape for monetary benefits and now the protagonist played by Akshay Kumar must uncover the truth behind this case of forced mistaken identity.

If by any chance you are seeking thrilling murder mystery or a rustic gang war sequence of eastern Uttar Pradesh, as may be reflected from the trailer, you will be disappointed, for the movie takes you into a different satirical genre disguised skilfully into realism

‘muskuraeiye aap Lucknow mein hain’ sadly this dialogue is the sole fragrance of Lucknow you will find in the film, neither the lingo nor the locales of otherwise culturally rich city, were accommodated in the plot which already had too much to accommodate, to lend it a discrete Lucknovi flavour.

However the performances of all the lead actors were very impressive . Annu Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla definitely a shade better than Akshay Kumar. The diatribe between a flamboyant successful lawyer(Annu Kapoor) and a whiffler judge(Shukla) were commendable.

In terms of role, nothing much was offered to Huma Kureshi, to expect much from her but she carried herself with poise and  elegance in whatever little jibe she was allowed.

the satirical overtones in the otherwise routine courtroom proceedings coupled with some very good performances by the main characters make this a good watch.

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