Doctors are dying
…a death premature, brutal and uncalled for.
What is the point to continue in a profession where each passing moment leaves no chance to make you realise that you are at the receiving end of public hatred and the government takes all precautions necessary to nurture this hatred.
It took 30 years of fighting the menace of poverty by my parents and 10 years of burning the mid night oil by me to be a doctor and it took another 15 years to build my hospital, my reputation, brick by brick and patient by patient. 15 long years of stuggle, of hope and despair, of fear and anticipation, of risk and borrowing and yet a single blow of a looter can shatter it, as if, it  were a pack of cards.
Why am I thinking like this? Because the government has sent me a notice to close down my medical centre.
Why? Because an NGO, with the sole purpose of harassing me, has complained to the authorities that it is being run on residential land.
Why has the NGO complained against me, not because it wants to do good, No thats not the reason, rather the complaint was made because I refuse  to render my services, for free, to one of its members.
And why did I refuse, not because I couldn’t afford this charity but rather because of the fact that I chose not to bow down his blackmailing tactics.
Every one should follow the rule of the law but the law as well as its implementation both should be equal and abiding to one and all.
Is this the guiding force that drives the society, is this the moral code of conduct that the society and system stand by, to allow the looters to loot the movers and healers.
The irony is that almost 99 %of nursing homes in the city and of the state and probably of the country are being run from residential premises and the bigger irony is that a medical centre is being asked to close down, on such filthy grounds as the one stated, in a state which can boast of having the poorest patient to hospital bed ratio, in a state which has the poorest health indices.
And it is being done by a government that on one hand talks of promoting job creation and entrepreneurial ventures and on the other hand snatches, by a single stroke of law, the food bowl from almost a hundred souls.

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