a small voice...

A small voice…….Doctor Calling

A small voice …

Amidst all the hue and cry about the doctors being the villain and indulging in decoity let me ask a basic question how many of you are planning medicine as the career option for your children,..many I am sure, many must have already started the preparation for it, medicine is still one of the topmost career choice. Why?
Why would you want your child to become a looter, a hater of basic human values, why would you wish such a disgusting thing for your own child?

I am a doctor and proud to be One, because barring a few blackships doctors are still the most dedicated lot. Look around yourself and you will realise how corrupt rest of the world is.

I feel sorry, rather condescending writing that people today love doctor bashing and to my mind one of the reason could be that doctors are the face of disease, a sinister occurrence and since they can not do any harm to the disease themselves, all their frustrations and grudges are let loose on doctors.

People don’t understand that the industry today is run by a nexus of business mafia and the policy makers and the insurance companies who have completely hijacked it, solely, for improving their own profit and loss equations, solely, like any other industry, interested in return on investment without giving a damn about the ethics of the profession. And with the media on their side, for its own vested interests, they have got general public into a trap.
Let’s consider these .

A few years ago people used to go, for treatment, to a particular doctor going by his name and reputation irrespective of his clinic address and layout but today they go to a hospital judging its reputation by the quality of ambience it provides irrespective of the treating doctors, doctors are deemed competent. We have started glamorizing hospitals to the point that it has become a status symbol…. it’s a trap.

The insurance sector has been allowed to boom in and we pay hefty premium to maintain it over the years, little do we realise that the cost of services have been inflated falsely to cater their needs……it’s a trap.

The government has stopped subsidy on hospital land, a plot which was earlier available at subsidised rates is now auctioned making the cost of construction and maintenance of hospitals go sly high, why is it auctioned? Isn’t it government’s responsibility to make healthcare affordable….it’s a trap.

The day consumer laws became applicable to doctors, medical services became a commodity, and such repercussions were bound to happen, you can not expect doctors to remain noble while at same subject them to mundane laws.

It’s just a small voice people are the best judge.

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