Divas, Dil Se

     “ I saw the songs dancing melodiously in the air on the little flower petals kissing enduringly the jubilant hue of lovely cheeks,             

       I saw the laughter floating effortlessly like a team of waterfowl leading you to the nest of warmth and care,

I heard the magnificent rainbow colours calling you to splutter them onto the endless jibes of  alluring faces.”

Yes, I confess last evening, I embraced a refreshing dose of LSD…LOVELY SPIRITS OF DIVAS

The cultural family meet of Gogs Divas was an enthralling experience to be lived relished and preserved. 

The hall was decorated with colours and flowers, so was their enthusiasm. They served homemade ‘Holi ki GuJhiya’ and they relished the spirit of togetherness. They played fun games and enjoyed the ornamentation of affectionate bonding

I have always been a man of few words, words have failed to make a connection with my emotions and speech more often than not but I realised no words were needed, trueness of a feeling makes its own statement.




  1. Thanks for coming and gracing the occasion!! Wonderful expression of words and the lovely evening!

  2. Dr amrit a. K. Singh

    Beautiful lines wd priceless expressions of words.

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