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The rubble of his soul travels through the Phlegethon of time, through the panorama of the desuetude. A turbulent journey, a journey not of grandeur but struggle, a journey more of preparation than of fulfilment


rage against the dying of the light

Hello friends,

It’s a pleasure to inform you all that wait for the release of my debut novel will finally end soon and I will release it shortly.

This book is, what I call, a hybrid of fiction and a memoir. It’s as much a reflection of my life as it is an impression taken from the life of my friends and fellow travellers in the journey called life.

The book is divided into two parts, part one represents the elemental chemistry of blossom, while part two denotes the elemental flaw of creation, woven together by the pain of existence. Pleasure and pain coexist but it the pain that outlives much longer than our mundane capabilities to endure until it is healed by a much stronger pain of love.

Part one of the book is dedicated solely to events that occurred and inspired my life during the days I spent on college (Nair hospital) campus. It was not as difficult penning down those moments of nostalgic reminiscence as it was to decide what not to include. Those beautiful pieces of memory that are excluded are due only to the writer’s plebeian capacity to narrate and weave them together in the form of a story. Like the everlasting aroma of books in the library, the dusty wooden fragrance emanating from the cupboards that lingered in the corridors leading to it, the boys’ common room peeping over its female counterpart, the college canteen, nostalgia is omnipresent. 

If the seeds of this writing were obtained from the lapels of my past that wore the sweet aroma of college days, they were sown in the poignant soil of curse, that future had in store for me.

This is a story of Neel, Riya, Kandy, Dang Sexy and Dirt.

Do read this book to enjoy their journey through the lapels of one of the most difficult to endure academic curriculum- their college days. And a lot more.

To study head to toe an organism as complex as human beings, treating God's folly, his aberrance of creation , his manufacturing defects, and that too, based on the account of another erroneous human- certainly an inconceivable task.

Few of my favourite sections and quotes

Though this is my book, the product of my love, endurance, patience and hard work, and I have enjoyed writing each and every word contained within its confines and those that oscillated recklessly and relentlessly in my mind while choosing them, there are few I love to ruminate now and then. 

Like the section where Neel accompanies Riya during the chase of her father’s fate. This is not only my favourite but also loved by my publisher, Mr Mukund Sanghi, a highly accomplished reader.

I am sharing a few lines below.

“Neel didn’t tell her anything either. He didn’t tell her that it took him only a fraction of a second to decipher her worn-out face and corroborate the news flooding in from all across to understand what was wrong. He didn’t tell her that his presence beside her today was not obligatory, but his emotional calling. He didn’t tell her that a pious, yet poignant code of conduct bound him to be present whenever and wherever she needed him.”

“Riya sat at the back seat beside Neel, palpably aware of his confused state and her own. Silence stayed between them like a semi-permeable membrane, allowing only routine “conversational words to permeate; emotions stayed like heavy solutes in their respective compartments.”

"To my mind, destiny has an uncorrectable chance arm and a correctable choice arm. This correctable or alterable arm depends upon the choice we make as per our free will judgements that dictate our fate…”
Rage against the dying of the light.

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