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Some Heroes Don’t Have A Face

  Have you ever wondered why, despite all its roughness and doom, despite all its unfairness and gloom, and despite all its pain and suffering, this world is still a beautiful living place? What drives the world? What is keeping it bound despite all the looseness and shallowness we see around us every day? Is…
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April 9, 2021 2

When your child is suddenly diagnosed to have a critical/debilitating illness

There is only one thing that I dread: not to be worthy of my own suffering….Dostoevsky Why Me? Why My Child? If someone is struck with this unfortunate blow of destiny that his beloved son or daughter has to suffer from a debilitating, potentially lethal disease, or with a medical condition that may have a…
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February 21, 2021 0

Mandatory CT-Chest Pre-Hospitalisation. Are Mumbai Hospitals Flouting Norms?

Mrs. Niranjana, a seventy-nine-year-old lady, was lying on the stretcher, outside a private hospital in Mumbai, waiting for admission. She was a case of urinary tract infection and does not exhibit any signs and symptoms suggestive of a chest infection. The hospital wouldn’t admit her until the relatives allow the patient to undergo a CT-Chest…
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July 6, 2020 0

The Covaxin Promise…Is it Possible

Since there is no cure for the disease to date and prevention seems to be the only saviour, the world is waiting with bated breath for a vaccine against the virus. It’s been more than six months since the dreaded coronavirus hit the world. Over eleven million people, the world over, had been infected with…
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July 4, 2020 0

2.1… Mission Aborted

The odds were strictly against him, one in a million chance, especially with the past experience of several failed attempts by his ancestors to explore the unmanned territory but he was hopeful, rather confident. The backup team had worked very hard. All preliminary and advance level testing were in place the launch pads were checked,…
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September 13, 2019 0

Concept of vaccination

As a paediatrician I get lot of queries regarding vaccination….here is an attempt to address a few of them Why should I vaccinate my child? I have grown old without getting any of these fancy vaccine shots All these different schedules are so confusing. Whatever is required for my child is there in the government…
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April 13, 2019 0