AIYAARY….Never ending tale of DOG’S own country

Don’t make any fruitless effort to decipher this line you will tire yourself and in the end, all you will be struck with the realization that it is nothing but a Babloo’s ki Atmkatha who is gone rabid.

The movie starts with an imbibing depiction of Army headquarters on a rainy day, good cinematography shaded nicely with ace sound effect, giving you a promise of portraying  a realistic drama with high quality technical support but as soon as you start settling in your chair with a mood to enjoy this realistic sojourn you are caught by fleeting bits of scenes like a jigsaw puzzle that is so complicated and scattered that you miss the fun in trying to solve it.

You are driving a taxi with all your efforts keeping it at forty kilometres an hour going to Chandigarh on a six-lane national highway and an army officer tells you to slow down because he wants to jump out of it… that’s precisely the speed of the movie… you wanna jump out yourself.

If you liked the background music of ‘BABY,’ as the Akshay and his team moved to catch a flight back home with the captured terrorist because it infused a sense of thrill and nervousness well, you are going to get a heavy overdose of it in “AIYAARI’ and the trouble is it incites no sense at all.

More than half of the movie is wasted in walking in and out of the corridor, climbing entryways and getting in and out of expensive looking cars…wonder why?


Of the cast, Manoj Bajpayee did a fair but effortful job though he could have done better avoiding the old man’s grin and imitating husky concoctions of army officers voice. Anupam Kher looked as if he is doing a sequel of ‘Wednesday’ but gone silent, not permitted any dialogues considering his age perhaps.

You remember the young hacker of Wednesday who Anupam Kher hires to outsmart Nassiruddin Shah well, he has grown up to be Siddharth Malhotra or someone like Jugal Hansraj who has grown in size but not matured.

Nassiruddin Shah, Oh! what a waste… a conglomeration of Babloos and donkey…pardon me

Pooja Chopra, wasting beauty without purpose, the only reason she took the role perhaps, was that she loved commando so much that she wanted to be one even if all she is made to do is sit in a chair reciting a dog story.

Rakul Preet looked adorable.

The story lacked even the modicum of conviction whether it was [attempted] cold blood killings of terrorist in Egypt or a traitor in Kashmir or the building scam, the jigsaw that writer couldn’t put together himself.

Comments outside the theatre…

Some movies are made to look tedious and complicated in anticipation that viewers will watch it multiple numbers of time just to understand it…Ha Ha




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