Unrealistic Expectation

Reality has an obligatory effect of matching the subconscious image that we have about a particular entity, unfortunately the subconscious image of medical profession that is being created by the malicious media and the unrelenting system is one of loot and criminality and the reality is just an after effect of the same.

We carry this subconscious imagery with all its unclear tribulations  and morphed shadows when we enter the doctors office and our own grief resultant from the suffering for which we are seeking the consultation, makes this image even more distorted.The obligatory effect of this is that it forces our brain to have a very unrealistic expectations from the doctor and to view him not as someone who will help us alleviate our suffering, keeping in mind the practical realistic principles, but rather as someone who will deliver a product that comes with a compulsory guaranty.

The problem gets compounded when this unrealistic expectation starts infecting the lives of the doctor far and beyond the boundaries of his work area so much so that he looses all rights of separate and independent existence. To carry the burden of this so called morality and nobility all the time even while living his own life, is an unrealistic expectation.

My point of reference at this  point could be, from amongst many such others, the recent incidence of the so called hooliganism at the silver jubilee celebration at Meerut medical college.The whole issue is a reflection of our own inability to step out of the shell of subconscious image of unrealistic expectations and allow the doctors, the right to their own lives and question them only when a law is broken and not because of someone’s vested agenda of wilfully maligning the image of the community.

Let us explore the concept of unrealistic expectations a little further and the effect of it casted on the profession today. Since the doctors are at the receiving end, at least ostentatiously, lets start with them first…….to be continued in the next post


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