Month: April 2020

I Say Chaps

Government Apathy towards Small Medical Centres in the Battle Against Corona…A strategic Mistake.

“The war has begun, the bodybags have started pouring in but I see none of them wrapped in the tricolour, no one honouring them with 21 gun salute.” A war is won not by the political and bureaucartic hail of befuddiment but by the corage and valour of the frontline soldiers. The Problem The problem…
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April 26, 2020 12

ये समर विशेष है

(२) ये समर विशेष है समय वस्तुतः बड़ा विचित्र है। पुष्प लहलहा रहे बाग़ में, पंछी चहकते नील गगन में, वातावरण सिंचित है प्राण वायु से किंतु प्राण संशित है वातावरण से, मनुज बँधा भय की लक्ष्मण रेखा में,  पशु स्व्क्छंद विचारते शहर शहर में।  विचित्र ये नहीं कि समर फिर सज़ा है प्रलय और विलय के काल कुरुछेत्र में, अपितु ये…
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April 3, 2020 2

Application seeking waiver from the mandatory qualification & registration requirements under the ‘Divinity & Dignity’ scheme.

To, Honourable Minister of health, Government Of India. Sir, I am a qualified medical professional (allopathic), and in the service of the nation for the last twenty years. Sir, very humbly I wish to submit here that my qualifications, it now seems to me, are nothing but unnecessary and evil, serving no purpose other than…
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April 1, 2020 1