Month: October 2019

I Say Chaps

Hungama night

“ये मेरा दिल प्यार का दीवाना …. In that adorable ambience of Sharad Poornima night when the moon was shining with its full vitality and viridity, I stood watching the mermaids dance. But for my stupid aplomb and self control, I would surely, have loved to embrace those alluring smiles and the flexuous sheen. No!…
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October 14, 2019 0

Thinkers conclave…Opening doors, opening mind.

“The lingering taste of togetherness that will surely find a befitting niche in our memory…” the young anchor said as I entered into an auditorium jam-packed with a spellbinding wave of enthusiasm for the grand finale of ‘Thinkers Conclave’. Earlier, before arriving for the show, I was lead by my host, the very gracious, very…
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October 13, 2019 1

Ageing gracefully

Perhaps compare to the rest of the day, the Sun looks most beautiful in the twilight when the cloudy wrinkles enhance its aesthetic features making it glow with the trueness of its colours. Hi Shishir; Surprised? Oh! Don’t be. My voice sounds a little shaded yet so familiar. you should look at my picture, the…
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October 6, 2019 2