Month: April 2019

I Say Chaps

Moksha….The Himalayan Spa Resort

Some names do not need any justification for their keeping, this one certainly belongs to the category I am talking about.  When I stood glaring at the surreal charm of the horizon at the hour of the eventide when the glittering golden hue of the water from the infinity pool was kissing the skyline, the…
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April 19, 2019 1

Concept of vaccination

As a paediatrician I get lot of queries regarding vaccination….here is an attempt to address a few of them Why should I vaccinate my child? I have grown old without getting any of these fancy vaccine shots All these different schedules are so confusing. Whatever is required for my child is there in the government…
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April 13, 2019 0

Rurban Picnic

Grand Masti… Me Time-You time Bus-full of beauties in a mood ready to rock-n-roll and with a look edging to kill of course, a skimble- scamble like myself rippled out to occupy the far corner seat. But the quiet confines this cornering out had its own privileges in providing the panoramic view of the spectacle.…
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April 8, 2019 0

The Manifesto I want For My India

Is the idea of a democracy is just to vote and choose a group of people and empower them with constitutional rights to loot us. If you dismiss this statement as irrational, illogical and a product of negative mindset well, take a brief pause and think again with a microscope of pragmatic analysis. I am…
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April 5, 2019 0

AAP… A Lost Opportunity

It was perhaps November 2012, I was sitting in my Nursing Home there was a cesarean section about to start and we all were waiting for the anaesthetist of our team to arrive. For some reasons, which were evident when he arrived, an otherwise very punctual man, a very serious and non-political person dedicated to…
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April 3, 2019 0

Underneath The Banyan Tree… I grew.

Thirty years after, and this time ten years longer, the ghost of Rip Van Winkle within me decided to wake up from the isolato life he was sleeping in and longed towards the nostalgic shadow of the Banyan Tree. Pulled by the earthy scent of the red gravel my feet tottered up the most familiar…
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April 1, 2019 0