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2.1… Mission Aborted

The odds were strictly against him, one in a million chance, especially with the past experience of several failed attempts by his ancestors to explore the unmanned territory but he was hopeful, rather confident.

The backup team had worked very hard. All preliminary and advance level testing were in place the launch pads were checked, rechecked and practised on multiple occasions earlier. On the day determined by specific calendar and astronomical calculations the launcher stiffened and after several rather bohemian thrusts exploded into the unseen space. Adam jetted out along with million others into a dark universe.

His spacesuit was exquisitely crafted. Its main body was connected with a longish tail. The tail itself was a marvellously engineered structure designed to facilitate its skipper to manoeuvre and propel himself with anatomic precision.

Once outside in the black hole for a modicum of a second, Adam lost his senses and why won’t he, the utter confusion that ensued after the propulsion he was almost stampeded by his competitors. He quickly summoned all his wits together, there was no time for slubber not even for a sigh, the competition was immense.

Adam was confident, he knew he will be the one to do it after all he had outperformed others in every preshow, every assessment. Remember that motility drill, he told himself, at seminal’s ampullary stadium by the side of verumontanum. His scores were top tanked, he finished way ahead of the deadline while the others were still struggling through the viscosity of the seminal fluid.

Adam was feeling a little claustrophobic in the darkish cove he found himself in, his energy level was getting low, he knew he had only 48 hours at the max to deliver the package, the highly sophisticated scientific code he was carrying, only forty-eight hours to find its counterpart, fuse with it and complete the circuit before he can start decoding and begin the construction project.

To keep himself energised was of primordial importance a fact that had been instilled at various practice sessions back at the base station before the launch.

He quickly took a bite of fructose from the milky seminal fluid that had come with the great propulsion, studied the map provided in the nucleus and he gave a determined push to the midpiece mitochondrial motor.

The journey wasn’t easy, it required a deep plunge into the black hole of this uterine galaxy. Claustrophobic he felt but determination is a far greater virtue that he possessed and that didn’t allow him to spare a thought about his fears. He swam whipping up his long tail like a salmon swimming upstream and sometimes in circles like a blob dodging the other astronauts, carefully avoiding the nefarious crypts and the magnetic contraction of this unseen galaxy.

By the time Adam reached Eve’s den at the fallopian bay, he could spot around ten to twelve of familiar spacesuits hovering at the entrance trying to find their way in. He sneaked past them directly hitting the den’s outer capsule by causing a short explosion. Its first cum first basis here.

Competition over, problems?…waiting like a storm in silence.

Once the union with Eve was established all he had to do was to pair the 23 point connection to start the cascade of cleavage and look for a suitable implantation site for setting up his spaceship project.

The project was to stretch over nine months. Once the construction process was set into motion Adam sat in one of the recesses swaying back in time into a sweet reverie. He was feeling lonely, very lonely. Back at his homeland, the mood was sanguine the stress of competition was overshadowed by the excitement of adventure and of becoming the prodigy, to carry the torch for a different celestial Olympic, the march of a new beginning. He remembered his father’s words while handing over the coded package. “Life must go on”

Reverie ended in a short siesta. Not for long though. He was jolted back into a horrific awareness of a unique celestial phenomenon the kind he had never seen before. The entire universal plate was exhibiting forceful, unrhythmically rhythmic movement of the space over his existence. For a moment he ceased to be in his senses that such a thing was actually happening before the grave realization of its impact on the construction project struck him like a shock. It was still in the foundation stage, the implantation site was raw, The plumbing, the drainage, the electricity, the fuel system establishment… everything was still in its very early phases. The project was still thriving on the reserve stored int he Noha’s den, that won’t last long.

He had to do something, he ran frantically through the layers of trophoblast, sealing off the leakages where he could, tightening the knots of the anchorage. It took him the entire day to repair the damages and to his utter surprise the following night the same strange phenomenon reoccurred… WHAT THE F**K IS IT? he thought, he had to figure this out quickly. Just about the same time he sighted an army of spacesuit wearing warriors around the mouth of the den. Things were clear, they are sending fresh batches to invade the territory.

YOU FOOL! It’s NOT NEEDED... It’s my territory,… PRAGYAN HAS ALREADY LANDED… he shouted in space but no one was there to listen.

Adam had to think fast, strategize a way to somehow send signals outside to let them know that these fresh invasions could jeopardize his mission. he dived down towards the end of the anchorage system at the far end of the decidual villi thankfully, the base station was intact, not perturbed by the recurring storms, all he had to do was to make a connection with the syntrophoblastic flood gates and open them to release the flow of beta HCG downstream.

It would take a few days before the backup team is able to measure its level and send the alarm bells of caution. Nothing he could do about it, a risk he is ought to take. Yes, one more thing that he must hurry upon is the completion of his very own pumping station because the sound generated by the pump is easily captured by the ultrasonic radar system employed by the backup team to intercept the signals.

It was to be a long and trying journey ahead and lonely too. Over the next few weeks, he was busy mining for various minerals: calcium, folic acid, vitamins and whatnot. He was informed during his training sessions that there would be plenty of reserves for the raw materials but he was having a hard time extracting them. The project needed an ample and continuous supply of raw materials especially with regard to the construction of the control tower and its extensions. A little deficiency could derail it or maybe leave any of the numerous peripheral stations de wired.

During one of the requiescence periods which he hardly got anyway, he was sitting at the control tower marvelling at his own creation, all sections; the frontal, the parietal, the olfactory all were designed to perfection. Incidentally, in a mood that can be best termed as leisurely, he touched a knob on the panel in front and simultaneously there was a solo ripple generated outside, he felt it. He pressed the knob again and the process was repeated, there was a slight movement of the arm with each command of the control knob. Adam was fascinated and encouraged and he made the control knob take a wider arc. The arm jerked suddenly whisking away the jelly around it and hit the roof. Adam was elated and surprised as well because instead of a single thud which ought to be there, he sensed two as if his own impressions were being duplicated or echoed. He did it again and got a similar result. It took him a while to understand that he was being reciprocated from outside, from mother nature.

It was like an oasis in the desert, Adam was ecstatic, he was enjoying this kick and count game he even kept a logbook of daily kick count just for fun sake. He thought if he should rather have a long connecting cord that will allow him greater mobility in this game. He prepared a long cord.

About a month away from the completion time he was enjoying his game of tug and war when to his utter dismay he felt a shock kind of earthquake that kept on increasing in intensity.

Adam got worried he recognised the launching contractions. While most of his work was complete the ventilation depot still was in the preparatory stage, its filters were choked and needed to be greased with surfactant. It needed time.

He was distraught he ran up and down the entire wagon, thumped at various control panels in despair nothing worked.


But no signals were being intercepted no counter quake measures were effective. Left out of choices he prepared for the launch.

He raced to manoeuvre the spacecraft rotating by 360 degrees so as to get it in the launch position, head down. This he could do easily thanks to the long connecting cord but what he failed to realise that that the cord got knotted up in the process.

He had only the presumptive idea of the distance back from his initial journey during the competition phase but a lot of water has flown under the bridge since then. A fresh bout of calculations was required to judge the interplanetary distance as well as all the tangential extension to locate the mounts, ridges and the unaccounted icebergs popping int way. Time was running out, calculations were hastily and inadequately performed.

He propelled the motor for a faster speed, a couple of astronomical miles contemplated to a couple of centimeters of earthly distance more and he will reach back to safety. Adam made a final thrust and a considerable advancement but in the process knot of cord tightened and the anal pressure valve opened releasing the dirty sewage into the fluid medium, corrupting it. Adam was suffocated.

Now you can thrash the back up team or applaud the mammoth efforts of ” Mr Sivan’…

… just 2.1 centimetres away from the precipice ….. PRGYAN lost all his communication.

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