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Weekend Funda…Go Missing

I am not endorsing the old hedonistic theory that pursuit of pleasure and material goods is the primary goal of life but the statement that the ‘desire for happiness is the basic human trait, resonates in the realms of reality.

For me this pursuit of happiness embellishes itself in my own doctrine of detoxification.

One hour with thy body and one day with thy mind…Go missing from the world.

One hour a day for your body and one every week or at least a fortnight you should go missing, away from, your routine world of prohibitions, inhibitions and limitations, from work and duties and should make a conscious effort of detoxifying the body and mind.

Oh! Hell with the philosophy… just go missing…Disappear.

When the wheels of my car got rolling again in this quest for happiness I found myself along with few close friends in a nameless resort ( name doesn’t matter anyway, Tree House Bhiwadi is not worth much of a recommendation either)

The short smooth and comfortable ride among the buoyant banters of friends saw me at the destination sooner than I had expected or perhaps sooner than Hotel expected. 

"When you are truly striving for something God has mysterious ways of granting that provision."

The unusually long check in time in an otherwise deserted resort gave us the opportunity to interact and have a lovely, refreshing session of Dumb Charades at the poolside.

The light was shining brightly from the turquoise blue water of the pool though the darkening shadow of resort facade was trying to  engulf it quickly and the Sun was getting ready to bid adieu.

An ostentatious show of skill camouflaged the conscious realisation diminishing stamina and lack of practice in old flame of swimming.

The swimming session ended with modelling and photoshoots … calendar girls and boys.


इक ज़रा हाथ बढ़ा दे
i am not that dumb either

The detoxification drive went on endlessly for the next twenty four hours and menu had a wide variety too – Dumb Charades, swimming, modelling photoshoots, dance, drinks, Antaakshari….list was never ending.

The pursuit of joy continued till the true meaning of it i.e. the spirit if togetherness was imbibed completely and till it started ebbing swiftly through every pore of body and mind.

This was my my idea of unwind and a great weekend…


And yes, the new found doctrine of ‘ one hour for thy body and one day for thy mind’ shall be studied more deeply and will continue….Ha Ha

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