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Reunion Of Stars

30000 ft above sea level where the clear blue sky diffluences  into the infinite, afloat in a 400 ton aircraft, I am sinking.

Sinking into the ocean of faces. Faces which until two days ago were only remnants of facial impression their body and souls blurred by the dust of twenty years. Having almost lost their identity, they were floating like zombies in the darkness of my past. But suddenly in a matter of just 24 hours they had all come alive, every souls with full body and facial features. Batch mates turning into zombies and bouncing back as soul mates.

“Oh my goodness what was that!…Reunion of stars

Yes they were not zombies actually they all were stars twinkling in far away galaxies who had come together on 19th December 2015 to create the biggest astronomical event …..The reunion 1990 batch TNMC

I don’t remember when it exactly started but the celestial movements were visible on the social media for the past year or so. Last night was only the grand finale of yearlong Olympic.

Though it is officially over, it’s not for me. I’m still imbibing the essence. The dimly lit corridor outside dean’s office abuzz with hastily moving resident’s traffic imprinting against the glamorous entryway of Arrambh95 ,decorated with posters and thermacol placards hanging from the roof by gas balloons, pretty young faces welcoming guests ,wide grey stoned staircase serving as waiting lounge for students during pathology viva,dusty wooden mellow of the books outside library , the chirpy music of shoe leather rubbing against the floor tiles penetrating the silence of library ,every visual had mesmerizing nostalgia .

But more than the preserved architecture of the building it was the rejuvenating hug and laughter of old mate that was  intoxicating . Nostalgia was everywhere, so much to take on in a single day.

Oh wait! party isn’t over yet, all these stars, clad in their glamorous best, gathered again in the night bubbling with enthusiasm, dancing and singing. Some from the highest echelons of their musical overtones and others from down under, some of them victims of unbelievable metamorphosis others with surprisingly preserved stature. Nostalgia was everywhere.

30000 ft above sea level contained in the weight of the aircraft, after a 80 point detox therapy lasting over two days, carrying the heaviest emotional baggage …memories, I was feeling light, lighter than the weight of feather ready to take on the mundane world once again.

Good bye Mumbai meri jaan



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  1. Shishir …I wish I was more free and open in MBBS too….anyways wouldn’t be what I am today without what I have gone through…Thoroughly enjoyed reunion…nice to know all once again .

  2. Yes Shishir
    We’re all “lost again” thinking of the past – nostalgia!
    But better still was making new friends who we really lost out on in college days like the nonsense group
    Like minded, fun loving a set


  • Rajul

    Shishir, I am still living in the reunion mode and hoping that we all meet again in five years. So many of our batch mates were strangers to me during those 20years ago but many more have come close to my heart in last few months.

  • Vandana

    Very beautifully described the reunion of stars. Shishir you r an amazing writer……. I’m feeling sorry for not knowing about Ur great skills. It was nice reconnecting with u n all other stars.

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