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After two hugely successful workshop days when this academic event reached its culmination on the final conference day, I was a little shilly-shally about its performance with less than the countable number of attendees in the morning. I thought let’s keep twenty-twenty hindsight- it’s not easy to ensemble the entire orchestra of such discordant instruments, not easy to bring so many different specialities onto a single platform and yet keep the morale high. But this academic fiesta was set to prove me wrong as it went a magnificent peripetia both in terms of attendance and performance with delegates and faculty rushing in from all corners.

The conference definitely had a new dimension with very well organised workshops and mobile OT, great participation and discussions and deft use of digital platforms for paperless promotions and deliberations.

It was lovely to see our colleagues presenting their own cases and sharing experiences in tandem with other known area experts.

Not only did the conference meet the high academic expectations but with our patron and chief guest sharing their wisdom on certain current and related issues like ‘Aushmaan Bharat’ and TB notification steered my thoughts to a critical tilt. Not under any compulsion-political or otherwise, I differ strongly but I reserve my right to differ for some further writing, not today.

I may have missed many details as I was shuttling between this and the Magiquest but I tell You, The entire conceptualization and execution were superbly managed, kudos to the whole organising team. About the president and organising secretary?well, what about them?…..Man!, they had their John-Hancock everywhere.

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