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IMA Ghaziabad Welcomes 2023

Four months ago my depressed, helpless soul would have passed this as inconceivable. Lying in my bed like a surrendered pigeon, and unable to move because of excruciating radicular pain of a disc prolapse, I was fearing a life on wheelchair in the best case scenario. However, the new year began with a paradigm shift from despair to dream, such is the power of hope and change. Year 2023 dawned with a vaudevillian brume as I found myself dancing in a jamboree at the annual function of IMA Ghaziabad. It was an enthusiastic personification Bollywood celebrities by our local heroes, an enchanting aura of craic and happiness. 

More than three hour long night show of ‘Ye Shaam Mastani’ had all the ingredients of a Box office grosser. Someone’s jhumka fell in Bareilly ka bazaar but its tintinnabulations reverberated in MG farms as the duo cut a rug. The incarnations of Dilip Kumar, R̥ajesh Khanna and Raj Kapoor had no dearth of synovial fluids in their joints and demonstrated a heavy dose of elasticity as they jittered. My personal favorites were Helen and Jalal Aga, sweet Helen and the agile Jalal Aga. Mehbooba rocked filling the void with jest.  Bhagwaan dada, Geeta Bali and Babita  danced with natural ease. Aishwarya allured a freshness that lingered.

The occasion was honored by the presence of our beloved national president Dr Sharad Agarwal. I was given the honour to showcase my bombastic skills on the tune of Yamma-Yamma. It was an undeserved opportunity but such is the inclusive wisdom of very passionate and abled leaders, IMA president Dr Sundeep Varshney and the first lady Dr Seema

The occasion was also graced by the presence of other dignitaries like Dr Archana Verma(of international fame) from Fogsi and Dr Yuvraj Sharma and Dr Vipul and Dr Garima Tyagi from IMA west Ghaziabad. It wasn’t just a coincidence but also destiny’s design that IMA celebrated Archana Ma’am’s birthday on new year day.

I twitched and walked on the numbness of my leg, head held with a pretentious pride,  as I deboarded the Jaguar with my companion for the red carpet welcome. The jaguar threw a Machiavellian smile on its makeshift owner. I ignored her back and ambled through the bollywood gallery. Don, Baadhash and the Khan all awaited in a queue for a click with me but my hauteur pride posed with Katrina, jibed with Kajol, took a pint from Ramgarh ka theka and strolled through the maze of Meena-bazaar.

I enjoyed the entire show with the eagerness and came out of the theatre floating a privileged smile of spectator who had been given the red carpet to welcome a box-office hit.


    • Dr Arti Bansal

      Thanks dr Shishir for the beautiful detailed accounts of the 2 important
      IMA celebrations,New Year and The Republic day.It’s always a pleasure to go through your writings ,a vivid description in such nice style.


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