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Application seeking waiver from the mandatory qualification & registration requirements under the ‘Divinity & Dignity’ scheme.


Honourable Minister of health,

Government Of India.


I am a qualified medical professional (allopathic), and in the service of the nation for the last twenty years. Sir, very humbly I wish to submit here that my qualifications, it now seems to me, are nothing but unnecessary and evil, serving no purpose other than to be a tool of harassment at the hands of various government departments.

I am compelled to apply for registration at the office of CMO every year, not to forget that a prior registration at the state medical council where I have to disclose all my qualifications and experience certificates. Moreover, any patient can demand to seek my registration number and fancy suing me in a court of law as per his whims and fancy and also at the instigation and provocation of any Tom, Dick and Harry.

I concede my ignorance about this very useful scheme that your government is running, thanks to the greatness of Baba Ramdev and his pompous, yet noble, declaration of being the beneficiary of this noteworthy scheme of ‘Divinity & Dignity‘. Recently I saw a video where he, out of his kindness, to help other needy souls like me from this menace of mandatory requirements, made this disclosure, openly and publically that he is a doctor by ‘Divinity & Dignity’. I understand it is due purely to your philanthropic scheme that he is able to defy the law, avoid useless administrative hurdles (mere nuisance anyway), and even proclaim miracles cures that do not exist. As a beneficiary of this scheme he able to make millions, I am merely looking at a meagre income to sustain my family.

I assure you there are hundreds of needy souls like me who would be more than willing to avail the benefits of this scheme.


Dr Shishir Srivastav



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  • Dr Rishikant Ojha

    Good Point Dr Shishir. We are being treated like dairy industry where the degree rots, and must be checked continuously. You didn’t mention the lack of online registration simplicity. The rampant corruption like in GDA where a whole department of vultures is there to feed off doctors, and serve no other purpose. Even the most corrupt policeman going back home with extortion money from hawkers daily, has a beat duty at least technically. But this CMO office serves NO useful purpose vis-a-vis private practitioners of the district, just extortion.

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