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To Dr Seema And Sundeep Varshney

” Adjustable…” his father said raising the toast “… the ease with which she has adjusted in my family besides showering me with immense love, let’s celebrate that”,

” Thank you for being with me, I could never have asked for more” his Mom replied and he knew that they meant every word.

He looked at the faces of his lovely Mom, his gracious father and those of a few close friends enjoying the festivity of the celebrations, singing, dancing and recapitulating the nostalgia of togetherness.

Sitting quietly amidst the everlasting laughter and care the emblem of their love thought to capture the moments into words and frames but look at the audacity of words, they defied his command…why would they listen to him? the words themselves were aware of the huge gap that existed between the enormity of his emotions and their own incapability to express them, so they just kept on floating in the buoyant ambience of Dr Sundeep and Seema Varshney’s twenty-seventh-anniversary celebrations as Anmol their son, thought and I write

ख्वाब दरिया है, मैं एक बूंद पानी
पानी क्या लिखे समंदर की कहानी,

बस इतना ही मैं लिखता हूं,

बन के इश्क, दोस्ती, वफ़ा की निशानी
हर पल लिख रहा, वो खुद अपनी कहानी।

कुछ मेरी हसरतों सा मंजर
सिखा रहा मुझे जीने का मंतर


The evening lived itself like a reverie of buoyant emotions, supple, captivating and delightful. I was fortunate to be a part of it. Thank you, Dr Sarla Ma’am, Dr Nalini Ma’am And Dr Vinita Ma’am for being such a wonderful, lovely and encouraging hosts.


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